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Aggravation and Irritation

We know that a large part of human behavior is based on culture. The same behavior in one culture is often perceived as strange or inconsiderate in another. When we want people from other cultures to do something, we need to understand their behavior and be aware of our own as well.

Why do Westerners get so irritated in China after a while? Irritation is caused when people behave in a manner that is inconsistent with your own behavior. Suppose you have the choice to flee from a difficult situation but resist because it would appear inappropriate. Subsequently, if a colleague flees the same situation, you will resent his behavior because he gave into the feelings you suppressed. However, if you do not see the behavior as inappropriate, if you too would chose to flee, you will not experience irritation because his behavior would be consistent with your own. You are much more sensitive to other peoplešs behavior when they act in a way that is contrary to your own choices. When you understand how you tend to react to certain situations, which choices you make out of the menu, irritation is easier to avoid.

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