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Cultural Influences

Everyone possesses the same menu and can make choices from it. The menu goes for everybody, regardless of country or culture. Needless to say, not everyone from the same culture acts identically. A handful of Dutch people would react differently to insecurity, as would different Chinese people. However, appreciation of specific reactions to fear, which reactions are valued over others, or deemed more appropriate, requires an understanding of the specific culture. In some cultures, a specific reaction to fear may be admired, even considered chic, while in another culture this same reaction might be deemed as inappropriate. The value of reactions changes over time.

I do not intend to generalize all Chinese people and do not claim that what follows applies to each and every Chinese person. I am only referring to the generic 'tastes' of the Chinese in general, which choices of the menu are commonly appreciated and which are not, as a means to identify and understand the differences between cultures.

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