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Many Western companies operating in China often encounter difficulties that stem from cultural differences between Chinese and Western society. The way Chinese people think, behave, and set priorities all vary significantly from Western norms. This means that not only are solutions hard to agree on, but the problem itself may be defined differently by both sides. You can avoid such difficulties through proper preparation before conducting business in China or with Chinese people.

There are many superficial differences between the Chinese and Westerners, but these are usually not the cause of real difficulties. You must look beneath the surface to find the pitfalls that can lead to real problems. Any successful venture with the Chinese must begin with a firm understanding of oneself. You must be aware of your own behavior and how you approach matters and then act upon them. You then need to take that knowledge and compare it with the Chinese way of doing business. You should make every effort to study your own behavior to understand your own behavior and to have an idea of the image you present to your Chinese counterparts.

China Info is specialized in identifying the differences in thought, behavior and key values that distinguish Chinese and Western cultures.

In order to interact successfully with people from other cultures, we need a model that assists in identifying the underlying differences. China Info uses such a model, based on the different choices all people in reaction to feelings of fear and insecurity.

When you go to prepare yourself for business with the Chinese, you will need the assistance of someone who knows the pitfalls for Westerners in China. You will benefit from the experience of someone who has studied the social-psychological aspects of Chinese society for years; someone who knows that simple etiquette rules are not enough to achieve success.

To avoid unnecessary problems, be it in a one-off meeting or during an extended stay in China, China Info offers 'China days'.

You can benefit from 'China Days' if you:

Holland Days

For Western organizations that plan to host Chinese people in Holland, China Info organizes 'Holland Days'. Your Chinese guests will be familiarized with the Dutch way of thinking, behavior and other cultural aspects. China Info uses the same model mentioned in 'China Days' to highlight similarities and differences between Chinese and Dutch cultures.

China Info believes that in order for Chinese and Westerners to cooperate successfully, we need to build bridges of understanding. When both parties are aware of the difference in cultural patterns, feelings of annoyance and irritation can often be avoided, and business can be conducted in a fruitful and pleasant manner.

If you would like to receive more information or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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